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Fire and Ice

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The snow has gotten to us! After 5 days of being stuck inside it's definitely taken love to a new level.

Just like love has a broad spectrum, so does producing. Call it a cat and mouse game, fire and ice or yin/yang, being in the studio is similar to love.

Its Hot! You get great sound, the session players are on their A game. Everyone shows up on time, the weather is great, the sun's shining, none of this 20 degree stuff that "feels like" 16 or worse. The vocals are dead on, the mixing isn't a chore, it all just seems to flow as the passion is dripping out of every bone in your body. You feel alive! The world is putty in your hands.

And then...

Its Cold, its frigid and the elements are battling with your creative soul. Thats when you really have to dig in and remind yourself to hold onto your passion. Sometimes I think that can be a good thing. It keeps you challenged, it forces you to tap into a different part of your creative thinking, it demands your attention even when your patiences says you should walk away. The cold will test us with our professional and everyday life, yet it's our opportunity to decide how we will handle the challenge as we are tested.

The end goal is to merge the middle grownd. To marry the balance between yin and yang. Once the creative thinking (right side of your brain) dates, and falls in love with the Analytical (left side of your brain) it becomes simple. Perfect music is made and everyone is happy.

At Key Productions we're passionate about making your dreams a reality. If you're passionate and it feeds you, your silly to sit on it a minute longer. Make Memories. Record them. Leave a legacy.

Serious inquiries email and we will contact you within 24 hours, or fill out the contact form & we’ll get the ball rolling.

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