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Following Quonset Hut and Chet Atkins "Nashville Sound," Key Sound has quickly and quietly become the next emerging producer to come into view in Music City.  



Key is the one you want to be on the scene with.  He's got the talents, the goods, and the connections.  His creativity and perfectionistic tones ride high as each artist Key develops transpires and comes to light.



As a professional guitar player this is the edge that indeed promotes Key far above the rest.  His talent exceeds his peers, as he is one of the best "A list pickers" in town.   His ear for perfection in the studio is matched daily with other "A listers" who boldly strive to give him the sounds the studio walls beg for.



Key takes every opportunity to work each angle of the studio, where no syllable is left untouched, and each string is eager to inspire the artist. The icing on the cake? The way Key draws on his unique strengths giving power to each artist, and the record; the connection to be golden.  



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