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My job is to produce. Your job is to have fun and love the process. 


Kevin Key


Key Productions is a professional recording studio located in Nashville, Tennessee featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools. Music is our passion.   We focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.  BOOK NOW



Key Productions has unlimited access to Nashville's premier studios leading the way for artists, singers and songwriters of all genres with heavy emphasis on Nashville's leading country sounds.  


From time to time, Key does take on a selection of hand-picked rock artists, as he enjoys the mixture of rock-n-roll, blues, country, soul, and rock.  Artists, regardless of genre, are always elated to have their talents noticed and taken on by such a seasoned veteran.





Key is the master of developing a wide range of singers, creating custom sounds to enhance each artist, while blending raw emotion with the perfect tone to create a masterpiece as unique as the artist and music itself.  


As a professional guitar player this is the edge that indeed promotes Key far above the rest.  Check out Key Production Discography



Everything Key puts his stamp of approval on seems to turn into gold, which is undoubtedly the reason why the demo CDs keep pouring in from aspiring artists of all genres.


“Making sure we give the vocals room to breathe is one of the essentials to creating the perfect sound in the studio, as well as on the road. Our goal is to give fans and aspiring artists the origin and backbone of their roots."  Kevin Key

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